Bip Card is a smart, contactless and debit card, which can be used all through Piemonte Region. It is the key to the regional system of electronic tickets (BIP).

Bip card is going to replace your bus paper pass or ticket and allows you to load on a single card:

In order to issue the card, the subscriber must come to our offices along with his/her identity card and social security card. The cost to issue the card is € 5,00.

In case of theft or loss, it is possible to make a copy of the card, coming to our offices with the report declared to the authorities and the number of the stolen/lost card.

The new card will be loaded with your previous purchases, passes or pay-as-you-go credit.

You cannot be refunded of the tickets paid on board before the issue of the copy.


On board, You just need to touch the validator with your bip card and wait for the “bip sound” followed by a script on a green background that shows the type of your pass, its period of validity along with the remaining number or runs in case of carnet and the amount of your pay-as-you-go credit.

A different buzzer combined with a script on a red background warns of an unauthorized user.

If you have a carnet, you need to keep placing your card on the validator for longer than in case of passes, as the system needs both to verify and synchronize the number of remaining runs.

It is compulsory to validate both at your

check-in and check-out of the bus; in case of missing validation at the checkout, the system is going to charge the fee till the bus terminal.

It is also compulsory to have, along with the bip card, the receipt of our purchases, in case of control or malfunction of the validators.


On the same bip card, you can load your pay-as-you-go credit and use it instead of the paper ticket.

It is compulsory to validate both at check-in and check-out of the bus; the system is going to charge the cost of the ticket at your check-out.

The same bip card can be used by more users that have the same run and the same time.

Since 2020 June, 1st in case you do not have the bip pay-as you-go credit, you can use the bus system and buy the tickets directly on board with a supplement of 70 eurocents.


You can buy or renew bus passes or pay-as-you-go credit in our offices or online in the website section “bip renewals and recharges”; we accept payments with debit and credit cards through the following networks: Visa, Mastercard and Maestro.


The company is not responsible in case of:

– Incorrect use of the card

– Incorrect purchase of the ticket and its validity

– Incorrect purchase of the pay-as-you-go credit

– Non-use of the tickets or the credit.